Our strengths for mass-market retailers

Wide variety of products

Traditional, organic, wholemeal and protein flours, and bread mixes: we have something for all tastes, all consumer needs and food intolerances.

New products for consumers

Our R&D department, always aware of market trends and changes in tastes, identifies and creates new products to fully satisfy consumers.

Consulting for private label development

With our flexibility and production skills, we are able to offer the market various brands and a wide range of products.

Research into tailor-made packs

We offer packaging solutions that preserve the organoleptic properties of products. We give them a look depending on the identified target group in order to further entice it to buy.

Food safety and reliability

Acting as a bridge between agriculture and food production: this is the role of our mill today, with the aim to ensure the highest level of microbiological and particle purity in all types of flour.

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