We cater to Hotels, Restaurants and the Catering industry with qualified agents who are experienced in the hospitality sector and know the needs of each business in the trade.

Protected territory

We are committed to providing operators in the industry with specific areas of expertise to add value to their business.

Technical support

We guarantee technical support for retailers in order to foster a professional partnership in the sales phase, making it easier for the secondary processing industry to use.

A variety of solutions

Molino Cosma offers a wide range of products and packs of flour and semi-finished products to fully meet all its customers' needs.

Developing Co-Adv projects

We suggest and develop co-advertising projects aimed at sales, from the most classic to the most innovative in order to launch products on the market that appeal to end users.

Bread and pizza courses

From theory to practice. We want to give concrete shape to our sales projects and help people understand the special features of the production phases of flours and semi-finished products by organising bread-making sessions in our lab. Our customers therefore have the opportunity to experience the real Molino Cosma world, discover new creative ideas and, above all, understand the characteristics of this industry that affect quality.

Training courses for Agents

We organise training courses to prepare agents to deal with market issues and find professional solutions to the demands of our industry and those of our customers.

Food safety and reliability

Acting as a bridge between agriculture and food production: this is the role of our mill today, with the aim to ensure the highest level of microbiological and particle purity in all types of flour.

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