3 eggs
Molino Cosma Manitoba flour 350 g
Sunflower oil 90 g
Milk 170 g
Sugar 200 g
Rind of one orange
Rind of one lemon
1 sachet baking powder for savoury cakes and pies
almonds and sugar crystals to decorate
You can also add raisins, candied fruit, or chocolate drops.

Separate the egg whites and yolks into two bowls and beat the whites until stiff.
Add 150 g of sugar to the bowl containing the yolks and beat with a mixer; add the grated peel of one orange and one lemon, a pipette of almond flavouring, beat again while pouring in 90 g of sunflower oil and 170 g of milk.
Stir again and add 350g of flour a little at a time, mixing carefully. Next up, add the yeast, namely a sachet of powdered pizza yeast, and mix again.
At this point, your Easter Colomba dough is ready to go, simple and delicate, or you can enrich it with more delicious ingredients, such as candied fruit, sultanas or chocolate drops. What to put in? If you can’t decide or have a sweet tooth, why not put all three in or choose some more of your own!
Fold in the stiff egg whites now and mix gently.

The dough for the dove is ready to transfer to a cake mould and you can now turn your attention to garnishing it on top. Sugar grains and almonds are the traditional go-to; when fully decorated, bake in an oven at 180° for 40 minutes.
Your homemade Easter dove is ready, time now to let cool before you can bite in!


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