Molino Cosma superfine (“00”) flour 300 g
Blanched almonds 100 g
Caster sugar 150 g
Carrots 250 g
3 eggs
Seed oil 100 ml
1 sachet of vanillin
1 sachet baking powder
Dried and fresh fruit, as preferred

After cleaning and grating the carrots, blend the almonds to a fine flour (using a food processor).
Press the grated carrots through a sieve and squeeze any excess water out before adding them into the mixture.

Beat the eggs with the sugar in a bowl, and on obtaining a light, frothy cream, dd the carrots, oil, flour sifted with the baking powder, the almond flour and vanilla.

Once all the ingredients have been well incorporated, pour the mixture into a greased, floured baking tin, sprinkle over the dried fruit (we recommend almonds or walnuts) and bake at 180° for about 40 minutes.
Remove the carrot cake from the oven and allow it to cool before removing it from the cake tin and serving.

Before serving, garnishing with berries will give it a pleasantly tart taste.

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